Jason Dilworth is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the State University of New York at Fredonia. His work and research focus on the practical application of ecoliterate design in rural economies.

Designers & Forests

In 2014 I co-founded the group designers and forests to connect practioneers with local forest issues caused by globalization and climate change. For the first workshop, we set out to explore the complex issues of land use and climate change in the American Intermountain West specifically looking into beetle kill and aspen die-off. Working with local experts and foresters, we brought a team of international design students to participate in a two-week field trip and then 6 months after workign with our undergraduate students to create solutions addressing a collective brief.

Since 2014 we have continued working. Running projects in western New York, Pittsburgh, East Iceland, and the Netherlands. From experience, we have developed a working model to facility community engagement with ecological and environmental efforts. As always, we are open to future collaborations and available for consultations and workshops.

Rewilding Graphic Design Education

Rewilding an Undergraduate Design Education: Our students face a daunting reality upon graduation; the effects of anthropogenic climate breakdown, an industry unmoored and driven by unsustainable growth, incredible amounts of financial debt. What skills are we teaching them that will help them repair these broken landscapes? What learning objectives are needed for a new curriculum? For the next few months, I will be focusing my research efforts specifically on these topics. sharing resources, projects, and ideas.

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A Rewilding Playlist

On Margins / Selvage / Waste

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On Cyclical / Deep time / Slowness

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On Humility / Kindness / Listening

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On Patience / Cooperation / Space

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On Redundancy / Repetition

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Canadaway Creek Press

In 2015 I began working with local artist and colleague Alberto Rey. Through a shared interest in environmental and visual storytelling, we began publishing research through a small press whose namesake is taken from a small tributary of Lake Erie.

A note on this design.

As a confession, this site is a continual work in progress. I have had the address for well over 15 years but recently, I have become concerned about the environmental cost of personal sites. And thanks to a 2020 hack of the old CMS I decided To scale down my digital footprint and replace them with simple html & css files.


Jason Dilworth can be reached via email or mail. Contact information available here.