Typography II: Project 2

The Grid and layout design 9/5–9/26 Project Overview For this project, you will investigate and use different types of grids. Using the content provided and your generated imagery, you will design several magazine spreads (two or four pages each). You may select fonts and employ typographic techniques (hierarchy, signaling,etc) that best communicates the content. In … more

Typography III: Project 3

Currency design / re-design Project rationale Where there is ugly there is opportunity. Function can become beautiful. Project overview Paper currency comes with a varied past. It is tied to movements and conflicts. It can inspire national pride or incite violence. With this project the student will begin by selecting a country, nation, micronation they … more

Typography III: Project 2

Project rationale Study at the University level allows for safe lofty conversations about theories and tangents on diverse topics. These discussions can inspire, anger, and create better, more engaged, work. As part of this course we will set aside four days over the course of the semester  where we will devote studio time to discuss … more

Typography III: Project 1

State of your work. Where we are. A mantra for the semester.  Project rationale For most of you this semester marks the beginning of your last year at Fredonia. You have nearly completed the prescribed sequence of courses required to award you a graduation certificate but there is still much to learn. Taking a survey … more

Typography II: Project 1

Typographic Portrait of the first day of classes told using four pages 8/27–9/5 Objectives Create and layout an 8 page narrative(portrait of the first day of typography II class) utilizing random prompts from our class discussion and the writing rules of Elmore Leonard. Outcomes Each student will have an eight page document (4 pages plus … more

Project Blog

8/27–12/13 Objectives Introduce students to HTML and CSS Provide students the chance to practice and implement web typography Create a platform for showing weekly design progress Teach students not to be afraid of the internet Outcomes Student project based website Platform for showcasing work and writings about work Requirements Student must post weekly summaries of … more