GDV: The Quantified Self Evaluation


Stoner’s thoughts.
Everyday millions of small actions are taken for granted. Right now you where probably taking for granted your ability to read, breath, or see. Miraculously you are able to do all of these things with very little effort. Why is that? Is it because you have taught yourself to? As a course we are going to investigate this further.

Project overview
For the duration of this semester I would like you to keep a daily record of your design activities. You are free to decide just where and how you will keep this data.  You will be free to decide how to present this data.

You will be free to decide what you do with this data.

Project objectives

  • Help students gain insights into their own creative process.
  • Provide professor the insight into individual student design activities.
  • Give students an opportunity to present and organize information.

Project outcomes
The creation of a system for performing self evaluations.
The creation of a standardized document to be included with each project.

The only specific data point that I am requiring will be time. Time, of course, can be subdivided. or rather, it should be subdivided as one hour spent trolling Facebook is not equal to one hour spent researching müller-brockmann in the library.


Project time line
The duration of semester
A quantified self evaluation will be due along with standard self evaluation for each project.
One complete QSE documenting entire progress for semester will be do December 17, 2012.